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Just Imagine

You arrive at school Monday morning with a plan for the week that includes already differentiated resources to meet the needs of all of your students.  You're not scouring Pinterest before students arrive to try to cobble together a decent plan that simultaneously encourages independence and challenges them to reach IEP goals.

Daily schedules are on the wall and behavior management supports are on student desks.

Independent work stations are fully stocked with file folders, adapted books, cut and paste word work, and task boxes.  Your paras have everything they need to help your students.

Your students leave your classroom for art class in the afternoon and the art teacher already has visual supports you gave her to guide your students to art project success.

You use your prep time to write an IEP instead of bringing it home to work on at night.

You spend your day doing what you do best - nurturing relationships with your students and helping them reach their potential.

You go home at night and take care of yourself so you can give your students your best you!

So what's included in my membership?

Work tasks and visual supports galore! 

The members area is a huge library of resources including everything I've created over the past several years.  You have unlimited access including future additions for 1 year from the point you join!

I add new resources regularly - in 2017, I created 87 new resources ranging from smaller no prep worksheet packs to larger complete units.

Currently, the membership offers:

  • 42 adapted books
  • 33 file folder packs - over 500 individual file folders
  • 13 task cards packs - over 2500 individual task cards
  • 31 no prep worksheets packs - over 1200 individual worksheets
  • 70 games and puzzles activities
  • Visual supports for behavior management, daily schedules, movement breaks, classroom activities, and specials.
  • and much more!

Most resources offer multiple levels to meet the varying needs of your students.  Visual supports and cues are huge components of my resources.

For more information, please click here to check out my Frequently Asked Questions page.

CURRENT CONTENTS (always growing!)

Adapted Books
Articulation Games
Carrie M
Carrie M
Chief Task Creator

About Me

Short version: I love creating tasks and want to share them with busy special educators.

Medium version: My experience is with early elementary students with autism.  I'm a recreation therapist by trade and taught art, music, PE, swimming and community at a therapeutic day school.  After attending several trainings on structured teaching, I fell in love with creating tasks.  Now it fills my hours after my kids go to bed!

Say NO to bringing work home every night and spending your weekends making activities only to still feel unprepared Monday morning.  Subscribe today!

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