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I have discontinued using this site and apologize for the trouble.  If you arrived through Pinterest looking for free file folders, please visit where you will find plenty of free samples of my resources (hint: search "free")!

Click here for the basic concepts file folders that brought you here!

To be clear...this site will allow you to sign up for an account, but there are no resources available here.  I can't prevent new sign ups and I can't redirect the pins to the right place but rest assured I'm banging my head on my keyboard trying to figure it out!

Carrie M
Carrie M
Chief Task Creator

About the creator

Short version: I love creating tasks and want to share them with busy special educators.

Medium version: My experience is with early elementary students with autism.  I'm a recreation therapist by trade and taught art, music, PE, swimming and community at a therapeutic day school.  After attending several trainings on structured teaching, I fell in love with creating tasks.  Now it fills my hours after my kids go to bed!